Jonathan’s Church Sound Bio

Sound Engineering Resume
Outside of work and family, Jonathan’s spare time is often spent pursuing his lifelong interest in audio engineering.  Beginning in 1979 at UNC-Charlotte, Jonathan began as a student and on-campus technical services employee supporting a wide range of events, and continued into the 80’s working with a variety of local/regional artists and bands.  As FOH engineer at Hickory Grove Baptist Church Main Campus for over 17 years, Jonathan mixed FOH for literally millions of attendees and over 2,500 worship services including the occasional touring artists, regional and national conferences,and of course major yearly productions.

FOH Credits
Jonathan’s FOH credits include a wide range of Christian artists and speakers over the past 2 decades; from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers to the Linkin Park style of Manafest to the always elegant Janet Paschal as well as the acoustic Shane and Shane.


In the summer of 2010, Jonathan was interviewed and highlighted in the article “FOH: Unplugged – Live Mixing in a Wireless World” in Guitar Center’s national professional publication – GC Pro Audio Solutions.  Now wireless control is all the rage, but it was quite new then!

Drop by and say Hello!
These days, Jonathan can be found mixing FOH at Charlotte area campuses for Elevation Church, out with his own PA and Charlotte’s favorite 80’s band “Cassette Rewind“, and sometimes helping out local churches in need of audio volunteer training or a FOH engineer for a special event.  Please drop by and say Hello!