Jonathan Hole – The Late Actor

I originally discovered there was an actor named Jonathan Hole when I noticed the name in the credits of an Andy Griffith Show where he played a guest role in several episodes.  It seems that the actor Jonathan Hole had a long and successful career in television playing guest roles on many (if not most) of the top TV shows of all time.  You can learn more by reading the rest of this post and by viewing his entry on the IMDB.

Jonathan Hole – The Actor

Date of Birth:   August 13, 1904
Date of Death:  February 11, 1998

Movie Trivia

Jonathan Hole supplemented his income as an Employment Claims Assistant for the California Employment Development Department. During the 50s he worked in the Hollywood office, paying Unemployment checks to Hollywood’s out-of-work rank-in-file. He remembered when the studio system kept tight control over the star’s paychecks. In those days you had to appear in person to get your unemployment checks. Many Monday mornings the line at his counter window was filled with stately men dressed in black uniforms with caps. As each got closer to the head of the line, he would dash outside to a waiting limo, a door would open and into line would pop Cary Grant, Tyrone Power or Errol Flynn. This money was enough for ordinary people to pay the rent, or it could pay for the princes of the silver screen to have lunch at “the club”.

Partial Credit List

Highway to Heaven, Moonlighting, Ellery Queen, Love American Style, Here’s Lucy, The Brady Bunch, Adam-12, Green Acres,  Bewitched, Petticoat Junction, The Mod Squad, Big Valley, The Flying Nun, The Virginian, The Graduate, I Dream of Jeannie, The Lucy Show, Batman, Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Patty Duke Show, Bonanza, The Addams Family, Perry Mason, Andy Griffith Show, Rawhide, Dennis the Menace, 77 Sunset Strip, The Jack Benny Program, My Three Sons, The Twilight Zone, Maverick, Leave to Beaver, Dragnet and many others.

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